Nyhuis Creative

Founded 2018

Nyhuis Creative (ny·hoos cre·a·tive)

Proudly calling Tacoma home, Nyhuis Creative started in January of 2018. The team's experience spans narrative & documentary film, television & social media ads, corporate videos, testimonials, live theatre production, VR experiences, music videos, training videos, and more.

Why choose nyhuis creative?

We are a tight-knit, local media house that takes special care of how your story gets told -- whether it be through video, photography, graphic design, or music. We pull the top creative talent right out of Tacoma to bring you a quality product that is engaging, entertaining and will connect and educate your target audience with your brand. Our team puts their blood, sweat, tears, and heart into each individual client's project that will make you proud of the final result.



Interested in working with us?

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